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Marcus || August 22, 2016

   By now many of you realize that the mainstream media has been absolutely disingenuous relative to its coverage of the Presidential race. By utilizing sampling techniques that poll a disproportionately large segment of Democratic voters the MSM has attempted to develop the narrative that Hillary Clinton is leading Donald Trump by a substantial margin.


    As more (and more) doctors confirm Dr. Ben Carson's assessment with regard to Hillary's degenerative illnesses and more (and more) videos surface revealing the lack of attendance at her rallies, this position has been crumbling.  Now, even mainstream publications have acknowledged that Trump is leading in the polls.


    Moreover, as Hillary took several days off to recoup from a minor appearance ( and Barack refined his golf game), Trump scored huge points nationally, and locally, by traveling to Baton Rouge and addressing the needs of the tragedy stricken residents.


    Additionally, the decision to change campaign management and to eat a slice or two of "humble pie" seems to have successfully galvanized and  incorporated, segments of the voting base that were previously somewhat alienated. As a result, the picture has radically shifted in the past week.


    Simultaneously, in the Clinton camp things appear to be  in disarray as Hillary seems to be unable to stand for any period of time, continues to have episodes where she freezes in mid speech (requiring prompting from her handlers) and continues to avoid any meaningful press conferences.


   I urge you to be vigilant and, if you rely on the mainstream media to obtain your news, then vet the propositions that are advanced there by utilizing other reference sources on the Internet. You will rapidly determine that, not only are things not as they seem, but that you are affirmatively being misled. When you do determine this, do not hesitate to challenge the false narrative that is being promulgated by the media when you hear someone who is poorly informed blindly spouting it. The outcome of this election will seriously affect the direction of this nation, so please get involved!


   Many people have called and asked for Trump signs. We hope to have more signs during the first week of September, although we have not been promised a large shipment. The Trump campaign is attempting to raise money by offering personalized campaign signs. Some of you may wish to support the campaign in this fashion by acquiring signs directly from Trump headquarters.  Cape GOP will make its signs available on a first-come first serve basis. I suggest that interested parties email me in this regard via the Cape GOP website (


   I am working with the New Jersey Trump office to appoint a campaign coordinator for Cape May County. If any of you are interested in working on the Cape May County Trump campaign please contact me via the website indicated above.


     As always, thank you for your ongoing support. Be fearless and with determination we will prevail!



Best regards to all,


Marcus Karavan

Cape GOP Chair



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