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Closing in on November 8th

Marcus || October 5th, 2016

As the clock winds down on election day, many of you have probably noticed that our adversaries have “come alive". Democratic freeholder candidates Kurkowski and Amenhauser have mustered sufficient support to produce several misleading TV ads designed to falsely portray Cape May County as a bastion of wasteful spending, unemployment and decaying infrastructure. Their ads also focus on the new jail in an attempt to fold this much needed project into their "wasteful spending" narrative.

Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth and their ads have no factual basis. Anyone remotely familiar with the jail issue is aware that our current facility is almost 50 years old and does not comply with state and federal guidelines. The cost to renovate it, and render it compliant, would exceed the cost of constructing a new facility.

Moreover, simply closing it and outsourcing our prisoners is not an option. In addition to the millions of dollars that we would have to spend annually to maintain a force to transport prisoners, we would have to pay costs for the out sourcing that would exceed seven million dollars per year. Accordingly, in less than five years we would spend more than the cost of a new facility and we would have to keep on paying in excess of ten million dollars per year, every year, thereafter. How does that make sense?

The new facility would be safer, more cost efficient and would contain a built-in infirmary and court room to minimize transportation costs currently incurred. Anyone with a modicum of common sense can see that closing the jail would be a losing proposition and that building a new facility, as planned, is the best option.

The rest of the democratic "wasteful spending" narrative does not hold up any better under scrutiny. Cape May County enjoys one of the lowest tax rates in the state. Our Freeholders have worked tirelessly to pursue new options which would create year-round employment in Cape May County, including agri-tourism (the expansion of the winery/brewery/distillery industry), the aquaculture industry and drone manufacturing, to name a few.

Additionally, the County is diligently pursuing a program of renovating and replacing infrastructure, including roads, highway overpasses and traffic lights. Numerous additional projects are planned; however, funding for the same has been blocked and delayed by Senator Jeff Van Drew and other Democrats, who refused to support the Transportation Trust Fund and other funding mechanisms. This not only delays progress but contributes to the unemployment issue as many Cape May County residents would benefit from this additional work.

When you hear someone, who has fallen under the influence of the false Democrat narrative, begin to repeat misinformation please step up and challenge it. Learn the facts and do not allow ignorance to be repeated and spread. Liberal Democrats have ruined Washington; do not allow them to ruin Cape May County! This is a ground-level initiative and we need each of you to be involved in a positive way!

Our ads will hit the airwaves in this week together with a sign initiative and other publicity. Please participate in your local community to the maximum extent possible.

We cannot take the stability of our County for granted and we must be vigilant with regard to the positions that we currently hold. The Democrats have already given up Lower Township and are vulnerable in Middle and Dennis. Your support and hard work can help our party to obtain control of these important municipalities.

So please, put your signs up and be proactive! Tell your friends and neighbors the truth so that they do not fall under the influence of a false narrative spun by two liberal democrat lawyers, who are funded by liberal democrats from Camden County.

On November 8th support Jerry and Marie and all of our Republican candidates. Vote straight column one and encourage your friends, neighbors and relations to do the same!

Thank you for all your help!

Best to all,

Marcus Karavan

Cape GOP Chair




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