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CapeGOP at the Republican Convention

Marcus || July 28th, 2016

      "The 2016 Republican National Convention was the most dynamic and energizing convention I've ever seen!"


      This is what a fellow New Jersey Republican, who had attended the last 11 national conventions, had to say about the 2016 RNC.


      Several members of the Cape GOP were fortunate enough to attend this historic event. I was accompanied by Cape GOP State Committeewoman, Lynda Palughi, Cape GOP State Committeeman, Tom Rotondi and Cape GOP Corresponding Secretary, Melanie Collins. We were joined by our good friend, former Cape May County Sheriff and US Marshal, (and current head of the New Jersey Parole Board) Jim Plousis and his son Jim, Jr. Lastly, our newest young Republican, Hamilton Wilde, (elected as a Committee person at 19 years old in Allentown, PA) made the trip as an RNC volunteer.


" The citizens of Cleveland could not have been better hosts. Everyone was polite, helpful and genuinely worked to make our experience memorable.." - Marcus Karavan (Chairman)

    The citizens of Cleveland could not have been better hosts. Everyone was polite, helpful and genuinely worked to make our experience memorable.


    The convention had reached a fever pitch by Thursday morning when Governor Christie addressed the NJ GOP at the Hilton Doubletree in Beachwood. In a presentation lasting over an hour, the Governor was at his best, talking about the courage that is necessary to lead and the cowardice exhibited by "people who hide in the back of the room with laptops," criticizing and second-guessing the decision makers.


    As usual, the media coverage relative to the potential "threats" were grossly overstated in an attempt to sensationalize the hostility against the convention. Although there were some minor episodes in a small area surrounding the "Q", they were almost unnoticeable to the average conventioneer. Virtually all attendees were left with the impression that Cleveland was a clean, safe and friendly city. Security was thorough and competent, as police officers from across the nation selflessly traveled to Cleveland to serve, protect and ensure the safety of those attending the convention. Despite the intense heat and long hours, the officers were courteous to all.


 I truly hope that the Democratic convention in Philadelphia also proceeds without a hitch with regard to safety.


I do, however, feel compelled to comment on the shameful decision of the Clinton campaign to permit the parents of Michael Brown and other 'victims' to speak at the DNC, while denying the same opportunity to the families of the slain policeman in Dallas, Baton Rouge and other areas.  This cowardly pandering is incredibly disrespectful to police officers, to their families and to the families of the slain and fallen.


    Oddly, Hillary Clinton expects these same policemen to risk their lives to maintain safety, security and order at 'her' Philadelphia convention.


     No one expected the Governor's speech to be as long or as intense as it was. As a result, the New Jersey GOP did not film it; however, efforts are being made to procure a copy which can be linked to our websites. It is worth watching!


    Thursday night's events were historic. Among the speakers were Pastor Mark Burns, who galvanized the crowd and former NFL legend Fran Tarkenton. Thereafter, Ivanka Trump, followed in the footsteps of her brothers, Eric and Donald, Jr. making an articulate, well-reasoned and engaging presentation to the audience.


     At the conclusion of her speech, Ivanka introduced her father, Donald, who accepted the nomination of the party and addressed crowd. His speech was riveting, to say the least.  It is clear that Donald J. Trump has the ability to motivate those around him by virtue of his optimism, vision and achievements.


    In his speech, Mr. Trump highlighted the failures of the current administration, spearheaded by the Clinton/Obama coalition. The nominee indicated that death and destruction are the legacy of Hillary Clinton but that does not have to be the legacy of America.


     Mr. Trump also outlined his plans for changing the shape of our nation. His platform addressed, among other things, revising trade agreements, ending pointless wars, rebuilding the infrastructure, creating new job opportunities, increasing employment, and protecting its citizens. He said that the current system is 'rigged' against the citizens of America and he is going to change all of that fast.


     He specifically assured members of the LGBTQ Community that they, and all Americans, would be protected from violent radicals who seek to inflict harm on American citizens. The reaction of the crowd was overwhelmingly favorable as they chanted "Trump, Trump, Trump."


     I watched a review on one of the liberal media networks, after-the-fact, talking about the division of the party at the convention. It was hard to believe that they had watched the same event that I had attended. I have never seen a party so galvanized behind a candidate. Rudy Giuliani, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and others voiced their support for Mr. Trump. Even John Voight, Angelina Jolie's father, appeared by video endorsing the nominee. The feeling of unity and community was electric.


     At the conclusion of his speech, Mr. Trump was joined onstage by his family and the family of Vice Presidential candidate Pence. What followed can only be described as a hybrid blending of a National Convention, a Super Bowl party and a Pink Floyd concert. "All Right Now", by Free, burst through the sound system as balloons and confetti flooded the room. Crown was ecstatic. Everyone in the room was engulfed by the overwhelming feeling of positive energy and hope for America.


     The next day, as Hamilton and I drove back to New Jersey, we were pleasantly greeted by numerous signs around the "Linc", in Philadelphia, which indicated "Don't Believe the Liberal Media!"  What a great message and how nice it was to see if prominently displayed in sections of Philadelphia surrounding the sports complex.


     So now my friends the convention is over and we have to get to work to elect our new president and our local candidates. I am looking forward to the task and will be interfacing with you in the immediate future.


Best to all,


Marcus H. Karavan

Cape GOP Chair





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