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Kim Versus Jack....The Big Picture.

Marcus || May 5th, 2017

It's no secret to Cape May County Republicans that I was one of the earliest endorsers of the Lieutenant Governor in this gubernatorial campaign. Since her election, Kim Guadagno has been tireless in her support of South Jersey. Whenever I text her regarding a Cape May County issue, I usually have a response within 10 minutes. That type of response time is uncanny, particularly from a high-ranking state official.


Over the last seven years, she has worked with Cape May County representatives and advocates to reduce bureaucracy and to create new employment opportunities. In my opinion, she has demonstrated that she is a proven leader who, given the reins of power and responsibility, would be a great advocate for and Governor of New Jersey. Further, she is a role model that women on both sides of the aisle can rally behind, without any of the negative baggage that made Hillary Clinton such a distasteful choice.


I like Jack and I think he did a fine job speaking at our convention; however, I am not particularly impressed with the negative tone of his primary campaign and he has not, until recently, expressed a particular concern for Cape May County.


With approximately double the county support and double the money Kim is, in my opinion, the odds-on favorite to win the primary. That being said, we do no service to our party by cannibalizing one another during the primary process.


We must remember that there is a bigger picture here. Republicans need to look down the road toward Phil Murphy and realize that if he is elected New Jersey will take a hard left turn onto the "Hillary Highway". In that case, Second Amendment advocates can pack for Montana and business owners can continue their mass exodus. Also, expect to see a resurgence of COAH and “Sanctuary City” initiatives.


I met Phil recently. He is pleasant and likable and his rhetoric, although seemingly egalitarian, indicates that he intends to take New Jersey further down the road of entitlement benefits, increased bureaucracy, more regulatory control and fewer employment opportunities (unless you work for the government which is guaranteed to expand).


As a former Goldman Sachs executive and a billionaire with a private jet, it is hard to believe his talking points when he discusses the plight of the common man. He appears on the horizon as Corzine 2.0 in a more likable, smiley faced package.


New Jersey has already distinguished itself as one of the least business friendly states in the country. One of the keys to changing this is to reduce the bureaucratic and regulatory stranglehold caused by an ever expanding government. It is imperative that we encourage business owners to invest money in this state while simultaneously searching for dynamic new opportunities to create employment and bring new tourist dollars to New Jersey.


Under the leadership of Freeholder Director Jerry Thornton, Cape May County officials have it right. They are seeking to expand the Agri-tourism industry by branding products grown and produced in Cape May County and by encouraging new year-round businesses to invest in the county. Freeholder Will Morey's initiatives at the airport and his recruitment of drone technology developers are also clearly large steps in the right direction. With the full support of Freeholders Len Desiderio, Marie Hayes and Jeff Pierson, the Freeholder Board is moving in unison to create new opportunities for Cape May County.


However, in order to continue these initiatives Cape May County needs support from the state. We need a Governor who will be responsive to our needs. In my opinion, Kim Guadagno is that person. Unfortunately, her opponent is a self-funded billionaire and she needs our support.


This election is a crucial turning point in the history of New Jersey. On May 11, Marty and Lynda Pagliughi, Len and Carmela Desiderio, Eustace and Susanne Mita, Julian Miraglia and I are hosting a benefit for Kim at the ICONA (Golden Inn) in Avalon. Accordingly, I am asking each of you to make an effort to attend.


A flyer containing the event specifics is attached and is also available on the Cape GOP website. Your support is desperately needed and is greatly appreciated. Please make this a priority as the stakes for New Jersey and Cape May County are high!



Marcus Karavan

Cape GOP Chair



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