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A letter from Cumberland County GOP Chairman

Marcus || June 2nd, 2017

As the Cape GOP is well aware, the Primary for Republican elected offices occurs on June 6th.  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of voting in this primary, as key legislative offices are at stake.


The Cumberland County Regular Republican Organization has endorsed Kim Guadagno for Governor, Mary Gruccio for State Senate, Jim Sauro and Robert Campbell for the General Assembly.


Robert Campbell’s name appears in the Cumberland GOP’s Column “A” along with all of the endorsed candidates.  I understand that the Cape GOP is urging all Republicans to vote for Robert Campbell in the primary, and he appears in Column 6 on your ballot.  Put simply, Robert Campbell and Jim Sauro represent the correct choice for the New Jersey General Assembly.  Jim Sauro has already earned the Cape GOP’s endorsement  and I am respectfully asking that you endorse Robert Campbell with your vote on June 6, 2017.


I would like to take this time to introduce you to Robert Campbell and explain why he deserves your vote at this crucial time in New Jersey’s history.  One word describes Mayor Robert G. Campbell:  tenacious.  As Mayor of Downe Township, he has been the most outspoken advocate for New Jersey’s Bayshore Communities, particularly in the area of aid due to the devastation caused by Hurricanes Sandy and Irene.


Robert Campbell has served in the capacity of Mayor of the Township of Downe since 2010.  Additionally, Mayor Campbell was integral in the formation of the Delaware Bayshore Redevelopment Commission, serving as its original Director.  The mission of the Delaware Bayshore Redevelopment Commission is to encourage both public and private investment in the commercial revitalization of this key area of South Jersey.


Mayor Campbell’s other accomplishments include service on the New Jersey League of Municipalities legislative review committee; a nomination to the NJ Clean Air Council, the New Jersey Conference of Mayors-NJCM- (where he has been recently elected as the 4th Vice President); NJCM legislative review committee, NJ Coastal Coalition, Delaware Bayshore Council, and the Citizen Committee of the South Jersey Transportation Planning Organization.


Mayor Campbell is certainly no stranger in the political circles of Trenton, as his tenacity is well known through testimony given through his continuous fight for Southern New Jerseyans.  I urge the Republican Voters of Cape May County to vote for Robert G. Campbell and Jim Sauro for the New Jersey General Assembly, as they will truly represent the interests of you and all South Jerseyans.


Very truly yours,


Michael L. Testa, Jr., Esq.

Chairman, Cumberland County Regular Republican Organization




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