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The View From The Chair, October 2017

Marcus || October 3rd, 2017


Fool me once shame on you,

Fool me twice .....


    At the end of the second day of last year's Republican convention, I was sitting at the hotel bar in Cleveland, sipping my second Negroni and discussing, with one of my fellow Chairman, the outlook of the pending election.


   You remember the predictions....

"Hillary in a double-digit landslide". The polls were almost unanimous and the conventional wisdom was that Trump was doomed. I indicated that I thought the polls were flawed and that people were going to be very surprised in November. My friend, who was a little ahead in his drinking, snorted that that was ridiculous (although he confessed that he secretly hoped I was right).


   For months, the American people were bombarded by the mainstream media telling them that Hillary had a substantial lead. This persisted right up until the election. Yet, on election day, those same mainstream media pundits were whining and, in some cases actually crying, about the outcome that they considered to be a "shock". Incidentally, they haven't stopped crying yet.


   The fact of the matter is that the polls which they conducted were skewed,  horribly skewed in fact, using a sampling base that was guaranteed to yield a result that was disingenuous. On election night, as I sat in the Bellevue with my fellow Cape May County Republicans watching the results I was not surprised to see Trump prevailing in all of the battleground states.


The Trump campaign relied on poll information from Adam Geller  of National Research Inc., and Adam is good at what he does.


  When I attended the White House briefing in June, Adam Geller  was also present. During his presentation,  he indicated that his polling  results with regard to the gubernatorial race in New Jersey clearly indicated that there is a path for victory for Kim Guadagno.


  Since that time, the "Kim" campaign has been picking up steam by focusing on property tax cuts and business deregulation. More recent polls by Adam reveal that the  "post primary" margin has been cut by more than half,  leaving our Lieutenant Governor within low single digits of victory a mere five weeks from the election (and gaining ground daily).


  Providing additional fuel for the fire, her running mate, Mayor Carlos Rendo is traveling around the state visiting members of the Hispanic community and gaining support for the ticket.


   While the " Kim" campaign is flourishing , the Murphy campaign is cannibalizing itself. Democratic infighting has reached a new high as traditionally democratic organizations have insanely launched a major campaign against their own Senate President, dividing the ranks from within ( and diverting the major democratic cash to that race).


   Meanwhile Phil Murphy is doing little to help himself.  By promising a $1.3 billion tax hike, increased tolls, a sanctuary state, more gun control restrictions on law abiding citizens, by dodging questions on the arbitration cap, by slapping our military and police in the face and supporting the spoiled brats in the NFL and by pledging a $15 minimum wage (which he himself doesn't pay to his campaign workers) the Goldman Sachs multi-millionaire is driving voters away in droves.


    Thus far, the Democratic campaign has relied upon a lame attempt to paint Kim with the "Christie" brush in order to capitalize on the Governor's low popularity ratings; however, the Christie analogy simply doesn't wash.


  In Cape May County, we know that nothing is further from the truth, as the Lieutenant Governor has been here during her tenure more times than the previous three Governors put together. Those who know the LG are keenly aware of her responsiveness and of her commitment to business deregulation, property tax relief and job creation.


     Multi millionaire Phil Murphy demonstrates none of those concerns. The former Obama appointed ambassador to Germany pays  lip service to his "connection with the common man", but all of his platform bullet points are guaranteed to drive more people from New Jersey. I guess it's hard to see the folks on the ground from your private jet.


   So, my fellow Republicans, this is a call to each of you to redouble your efforts relative to this campaign. A Murphy victory, similar to a Hillary victory, will guarantee the     destruction of all we hold dear.


   If you bought into the previous presidential polling rhetoric,  please  "don't get fooled again". Disregard the mainstream media. A Gubernatorial victory is within our grasp. Turn out the vote and  support our Republican candidates; tell your friends to do the same. With your support we will march to victory in November!


    I will see you on election night at the Bellevue for a negroni. I'm buying.



Best to all,




Chairman, Cape May County GOP.



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