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Lynda Pagliughi


Lynda Pagliughi resides in Avalon, New Jersey where she has been very active with her husband, Martin, who has served as Mayor of Avalon since 1991.  Lynda has been very active in many public, private, and charitable boards and organizations throughout her professional career.


Lynda’s career included work as a flight attendant, manager of the Cape May County Airport, and most recently as the manager of the Motor Vehicle Commission office in Rio Grande, New Jersey.  She has done extensive work for various women’s organizations in our region; Lynda is a past trustee for the Miss Cape May County Scholarship Pageant and past events coordinator for the Miss New Jersey Scholarship Pageant Committee.  She served as the President of the Atlantic Cape Community College Foundation Board as its first female president. She is also a member and past president of the Republican Women’s Club of Cape May County after she personally reorganized the group ten years ago.


Lynda currently is a trustee for the Cape Women’s Resource Fund which raises scholarship funding for women attending college.  She also serves as Vice President of the Southern New Jersey Development Council, and is an active trustee for Historic Cold Spring Village.


Locally Lynda serves on the St. Brendan the Navigator parish council and started the Maris Stella rosary group which has grown every year. Lynda also is the Vice President of the 7 Mile Business Community Board which serves the business district in Avalon.


Lynda Pagliughi has been very active in local and state politics serving as a New Jersey Republican State Committeewoman for 20 years, attending the past six republican national conventions.  For the past seven years, Lynda has been chosen by her peers to act as the vice-chairperson of the republican state committee; recently she earned the “Republican of the Year” award from Sea Isle City, New Jersey.  In 2004, Lynda was honored as “Woman of the Year” by the New Jersey Federation of Republican Women.


In her spare time, Lynda enthusiastically volunteers for many Avalon-related charitable projects and programs and enjoys spending time with her two grandchildren, Justin (10 years old) and Nicholas (7 years old).


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