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Freeholder Vacancy

Marcus || August 5, 2016

Fellow Republicans:


The Cape GOP Board met on August 3, 2016 to discuss the procedure which will be utilized to fill the Freeholder vacancy that will occur this coming  September.


   Freeholder Kristine Gabor will be greatly missed. She is an asset to this organization and we thank her for her service.


   In filling the void that will be created, we remain committed to our promise to maintain an open and transparent process, providing equal opportunity to loyal members of our organization.

" Freeholder Kristine Gabor will be greatly missed. She is an asset to this organization and we thank her for her service."

 - Marcus Karavan (Chairman)

    Accordingly, a resolution was adopted that provides for the submission of letters of intent through August 31, 2016 at 5 PM. Letters are to be submitted to the undersigned, with a copy to the Committee of Leaders (for convenience both letters may be submitted to the Chair who will transmit same to the Committee). I would suggest that the prospective candidates also copy their  municipal leader.


    On September 20, 2016 a special convention will be convened in the old Courthouse. There will be two voting machines on site that will be preloaded with the names of the candidates who timely submitted their letters of intent. There will be no other nominations from the floor. Additional information regarding the special convention will be forwarded separately as the time approaches.


    Committee members are strongly encouraged to appear at this convention and make their voice heard. We are committed to an open and democratic process. The successful candidate will fill the unexpired term of Freeholder Gabor; however, the 2017 Freeholder seats will still be the subject of the normally scheduled convention in March 2017.


The Chair acknowledges receipt of two letters of intent at this point in time: one from Barbara Tomalino, of Middle Township and one from Ed Beck, of Dennis Township.


   We request that Candidates refrain from contacting the Chair, Vice Chairs or Freeholders for endorsements as we are committed to a neutral , fair and open process.


    Good luck to all candidates and we will see you on September 20th!


Marcus Karavan

Cape GOP






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