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Republican Sweep

Marcus || November 9th, 2016

Our Congressional and Freeholder candidates swept to victory in a Republican Tsunami that left Republicans in control of Congress and the White House!


Freeholder/ Mayor Len Desiderio started the chant "LoBiondo, Thorton and Hayes" at the 2016 Cape GOP Chairman's Circle Dinner in February. That chant proved to be prophetic as Cape May County voters overwhelmingly reelected Congressman Frank LoBiondo, Freeholder Director Jerry Thorton and Freeholder E. Marie Hayes Tuesday night.


Our Freeholder candidates withstood a challenge from Democratic Attorneys Kurkowski and Amenhauser, easily winning the election by a substantial margin. The public did not buy the Democrats' specious and misinformed "wasteful spending" argument or the misinformation that they tried to spread regarding the jail. Voters confirmed that they were aware that Cape May County has one of the lowest tax rates in New Jersey. Cape May County voters reaffirmed their belief in the proven leadership demonstrated by Thornton and Hayes.


Huge congratulations also go out to Zeth Matalucci and Melanie Smith who have successfully reestablished Republican control in Dennis Township. Together with sitting Township Committee-woman Julie Fry-DeRose we are sure they will do an excellent job!


Republicans also ran unopposed in North Wildwood, Lower Township, Stone Harbor and Upper Township maintaining control in those municipalities. Congratulations to Councilwoman Margaret Bishop and Councilman Sal Zampirri of North Wildwood, Mayor Eric Simonsen and Councilman Frank Sippel of Lower Township, Mayor Judy Davies-Dunhour, Councilwoman Mantura Gallagher and Councilman Charles Krafczek of Stone Harbor, and Committeemen John Coggins and Hobie Young of Upper Township. It is the hard work and efficiency of your organizations that discourages opposition.


Our support and appreciation also go out to Dan Lockwood who lost a close election last night in Middle Township to the incumbent, Michael Clark. Votes were siphoned off by former Republican Pat Taylor whose "spite run" divided some Republican support. Dan ran a great campaign and our thoughts and best wishes go out to him in this difficult, narrow margin loss.


In nonpartisan West Wildwood, we wish to congratulate Chris Fox, Scott Golden and Cornelius Maxwell for their reelection to the Borough Commission.


Lastly, we wish to congratulate Chuck Lear and Patricia Hendricks with regard to their victory in the City of Cape May. Although Cape May is also a nonpartisan election, many members of Cape GOP were individually supportive of their efforts. Best of luck to both!


In sum, it was a great night for the Cape GOP because of the hard work and effort that each of you have selflessly demonstrated.

In this regard, a special thanks to Andy Bulakowski and our friends at the Carpenter's Union for all of their hard work and support in the Freeholder Race and our local races. We appreciate your friendship and support!


On to 2017!




Marcus Karavan

Cape GOP Chair



The GOP, “Grand Old Party,” first took roots in 1854 with a small group of dedicated abolitionists gathered to fight against the expansion of slavery and in hopes of starting a Party dedicated to freedom and equal opportunity.


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