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We Remain Unwavering

Marcus || October 10th, 2016

Cape GOP respects Congressman LoBiondo's decision to withdraw his endorsement of Mr. Trump. We continue to support the Congressman in his reelection campaign; however, we also remain unwavering in our support for the Republican Presidential nominee, Donald J Trump.


While Cape GOP is extremely supportive of women and women's issues and does not sanction any derogatory comments made relative to women, we accept Mr. Trump's explanation and apology relative to this matter.


In balancing the equities, it is our opinion that Mr. Trump's comments of 11 years ago, although unfortunate and ill advised, pale besides the egregious violations committed by Hillary Clinton, including, but not limited to:


1. A major failure, as Secretary of State, to protect American lives with regard to the Benghazi tragedy.

2. Treasonous criminal conduct, and an inexcusable failure to observe national security protocols, while serving as Secretary of State, with regard to the receipt, storage and dissemination of classified emails and information.

3. Criminally advising her subordinates to destroy evidence of the crimes committed with regard to the "email scandal".

4. Using the influence of the US Attorney General's office and other branches of the Obama administration to avoid accountability for her crimes in this regard.

5. Affirmatively misleading the American people as to her intentions and true political positions while delivering completely different messages to Goldman Sachs and other elitist groups of her supporters.

6. Continuing to support President Obama's reckless policy of importing unscreened Syrian immigrants and others committed to a "Sharia Law philosophy"   which endangers our populace, including members of our LGBTQ community and our women.

7. Simultaneously accepting millions of dollars in donations to the Clinton foundation from Saudi Arabia, and other countries, which espouse the same intolerant and discriminatory philosophy.

8. Defending child molesters and pedophiles in her capacity as an attorney.

9. Running interference for her misogynistic husband, as the first lady, by using any means at her disposal to harass the female victims of his abuse.

10. Bartering influence in her position as Secretary of State, in conjunction with her husband, in exchange for large donations to the Clinton foundation from wealthy private donors.

11. Using the Clinton foundation to solicit huge donations under false pretenses by exploiting the unfortunate circumstances of suffering peoples such, as the population of Haiti.

12. Failing to stand up for our rank-and-file Law enforcement officers who, as a whole, risk their lives on a daily basis to protect and serve the citizens of this country.


Regretfully, these actions are only the tip of the iceberg when one begins to list the improprieties that render Hillary Clinton unfit to be the President of the United States. As Mr. Trump aptly indicated during Sunday night's debate: she has accomplished nothing in all the time she has been in office and four years of her will be tantamount to four more years of Obama.


Accordingly, Mr. Trump's comments of 11 years ago, although inappropriate, are as a mole hill to a mountain when compared to the improprieties committed by Hillary Clinton and her husband. To allow her to gain access to this land's highest office when the country is horribly divided, in dire need of a stable Supreme Court, reeling with financial instability, suffering from a decaying infrastructure and widespread unemployment would be a grave error. Her reckless open borders policy and persistent errors in judgment relative to foreign-policy would create a disaster from which it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to recover.


Therefore, we remain committed to our Presidential nominee. We call upon our opponents to "own the conduct" of their candidate who has truly demonstrated not only contempt for the American people, as a whole, but also the total lack of necessary qualifications to serve as Commander-in-Chief of this great nation.


Spread the narrative, stay on course and vote straight "Column One" on November 8th!




Marcus Karavan

Cape GOP Chair




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